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The Practical Hand and a Half Sword is based on the Albrecht sword, a classic design from the early 15th century, featuring a cruciform guard, diamond-shaped blade section, and a typical hand-and-a-half grip. With a weight of 1300 grams, it is easily maneuverable without tiring the wielder during long days of battle. Our Practical swords (SH2106, SH2046, SH2047) are based on authentic sword styles from our collection, adapted to meet the needs of reenactment and stage combat. These popular and affordable weapons are characterized by their authentic guard style and perfectly tempered black blades, both blunt and without a point.

They are designed to withstand rough use while providing a level of safety required by many modern reenactment societies. The blades are handcrafted from 1065 high carbon steel, with a hardness of 50HRC, which resists notching to a very acceptable level, providing both strength and protection against breakage. While the blades are solid, they are designed to provide balance and good handling characteristics. They are characterized by their 2.2 cm edge thickness and rounded safety tip. The tang is also solid, with rounded corners on the blade shoulders and no welds. The tang end is riveted over the pommel, eliminating any possibility of loosening and providing a traditional guard fit. The wooden grips are covered in leather.

The scabbard is made of resin to provide great impact resistance, eliminate deformation, and minimize blade corrosion issues. The scabbards now include belt rings that allow for vertical or horizontal adjustment. The wood finish is attractive, but many reenactors will decorate the scabbard to personalize it.



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