Balance Policy

This policy describes the terms and conditions applicable to the wallet balance granted by The Time Seller SLU on (the "Site") and which can be obtained or used by any non-commercial individual (the "Customer").


By accepting the grant of wallet balance or its use, the Customer unconditionally agrees to abide by this policy, as well as The Time Seller SLU's Terms and Conditions. This policy may be modified at any time. However, the applicable Wallet Policy will always be the one in force at the time the Customer obtains the balance.


1. General

In general, the balance can be obtained by purchasing products offered on the Site. They are stored in the "My wallet balance" section.

The balance is obtained by placing orders and is granted at the discretion of the seller. To earn balance, the customer must create a Customer Account according to the procedure.

The customer cannot benefit from this balance policy if their Customer Account has been previously canceled or suspended.

The balance has no monetary value and cannot be refunded or credited to a bank account.

The balance can only be used to purchase products offered on the site where they were obtained.


2. Use of wallet balance.

The balance has NO MONETARY VALUE in itself. It cannot be redeemed, withdrawn, or credited. The balance can only be used to reduce the amount of an order or the price of a Product acquired on the Site (excluding any other tax).

Some additional rules:

2. The balance cannot be redeemed, transferred, or converted into money.

3. All benefits associated with the balance are personal and cannot be redeemed, exchanged, bequeathed, or transferred to any other person. Any assignment or transfer of balance that violates this Policy may, at the discretion of The Time Seller SLU, result in: the cancellation of the affected balance; and/or the cancellation of the Customer's Customer Account.


3. Use of balance on other The Time Seller SLU sites

The balance can only be used on the websites, and


4. Consultation of wallet balance.

The wallet balance can be consulted by accessing the Customer Account, from the "My account" section within the "Wallet Balance" section.

The Customer can only view the balance assigned on the site where they have been identified. Any queries regarding the balance can be sent to our email


5. Balance adjustments.

The Time Seller SLU reserves the right to correct any errors and make necessary adjustments, with or without prior notice, if the balance has been obtained or credited incorrectly or fraudulently.

The Time Seller SLU may also refuse to allow the use of balance, cancel any transaction involving improperly obtained balance, or deduct balance from a Customer Account when there has been an error at the time of placing the order.


6. Cancellation, returns, and refunds.

1. f an unpaid order is canceled, the balance used for that purchase will be refunded to the Customer's Account.

2. In the case of a valid return (use of the right of withdrawal or non-compliance), all balance used at the time of the order will be refunded to the balance. In the case of a partial return, the balance will be refunded proportionally.

3. The balance obtained from the canceled order will be deducted from the wallet balance.

4. In the event that orders whose balance has been used in subsequent orders are canceled, this wallet balance will be deducted from the remaining balance or will be placed in the account as a negative balance if there is no amount. In such cases, the wallet balance generated in the orders with the balance used in them must be regularized.


7. Termination.

Subject to applicable law, The Time Seller SLU reserves the right to terminate this balance system at any time and for any reason, with reasonable notice.

In the event of termination of the Customer Account, the obtained balance will be eliminated, and the Customer will no longer be able to use them. The same will apply if the termination is due to a breach of this Extra Balance Policy, the T&Cs, or any other terms and conditions of The Time Seller SLU.




How can I earn balance?

It is necessary to log in to your Customer Account. For every purchase of Products on the Site, the Customer can earn balance. The balance will not appear in the customer's Account until the purchase has been confirmed.


How is the balance obtained?

The balance will only be obtained once the purchase of Products has been validated.

No wallet balance will be accumulated on the first order as a 5% discount is applied for being the first order.


How much balance is accumulated per purchase?

The value of the balance is equivalent to 5% of the amount paid for the order. The wallet balance can be used at the time of purchase, excluding taxes.


Is it possible to use the bonus balance obtained on the Site or in the Application on other sites affiliated with The Time Seller SLU?

No. Also, the balance is independent and specific to each site. The balance obtained on the Site can only be used on the Site where it was obtained.


How do I check the wallet balance?

The wallet balance is available in the Customer Account. To check it, simply log in to your account at and click on "Wallet Balance" in the "My account" section.


Can I redeem a portion of the total balance of The Time Seller SLU balance?

No. The wallet balance can only be applied all at once without exception to split it or apply only a part.


Can I pay with the wallet balance the total of a purchase?

Yes, you can pay for your purchase in full with your balance.


Can I combine the balance with other payment methods at The Time Seller SLU?

The wallet balance is compatible with the main payment methods you prefer: cash, bank card, or Paypal.


Can I transfer my balance to another person or account?

No, both the wallet and the balance of The Time Seller SLU are personal and non-transferable.


I have returned an order that contained balance, do I lose this balance or is it also refunded?

If you return a purchase in which you used balance, they will be returned to your wallet balance. The balance you accumulated with a purchase you returned will be deducted from the total balance of your account.


My wallet balance is incorrect, it has not added the corresponding balance.

The balance loading is done through an automatic system, so if your balance is not what you think it should be, we recommend reviewing the latest purchase movements. It is likely that the balance has already been redeemed or that the loading is in process.

If after following all these instructions the balance still does not appear correctly, contact our Customer Service departments at and we will be happy to offer you the maximum assistance.y encantados te ofreceremos la máxima asistencia.


I have not received balance for my purchase, what can I do?

When you make a purchase on the website, the current balance of the balance will be automatically updated in your wallet balance. If 24 hours have passed since the order was placed, and you still have not received the balance, please send an email to Customer Service at


Please make sure to mention your order number so that we can review it.