About us

A large number of the products shown are made in our own workshops or especially for us by artisans carefully selected for their skills and quality.

Since 1999, The Time Seller has wanted to give the opportunity to recreators and practitioners of martial arts to have at their disposal in a comfortable way the best reproductions of weapons, leather work, armor and elements of civilian life from other eras, always trying to be a one stop shop.

Improvement through research and search has been one of our main keys to trying to achieve our goal and we have always tried to be as close as possible to the origin of the reproduction, whether through an original, or through the art of reproduction. epoch.

While our current production and manufacturing is focused mainly on training weapons, replica weapons, armor and katanas, we have a great commitment to offering the best items for recreation and living history, thus making it easier for our clients to obtain an equipment complete in one place.

In October 2008, The Time Seller was part, as an organization and historical advisor, of possibly the most massive reenactment known in Europe, in which 700 people, including nobles and members of the Centenar de la Ploma, paraded to commemorate the historical parade held by Alfonso the Magnanimous on October 9, 1428, making a display of military strength and thus praising the Valencian people in what was their “Golden Age”.

Currently, The Time Seller has a specialized and prepared team of people with years of experience who can help and advise you in any case, so do not hesitate to contact us.

We therefore hope to be of help to you in your encounter with history.

The Time Seller team.