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A curiosity not known by much people is that Avant armour (known in this way because this word is engraved on the borders) originally didn´t had a barbute as nowadays is shown on the exposition. The armet that matches the set was sold separately by the owner family. Nowadays it´s known this two pieces are part of the same set and to own this piece is a must for any true reenactor willing to finish its "Avant" set.

This armet was widely used on Italy, France, England and Spain being the first know the Milanese one, dated in year 1420. It was used until 16th century and some variations can be found as late as in 1620.

Typical armet is made up of four pieces: a skull reinforced on the forehead, two cheek plates attached with hinges to the skull and a visor usually pointed. Cheek plates were closed by a pin and this was secured with a hook or metallic wire if the wearer wanted to be sure it wont open on the battlefield. As it was made almost in the exact shape of the neck and chin was necessary to develop a side opening system to allow the easy wearing of this helmet.

The matching gorget specifically developed for this armet is included.