Information about sizes and colours

Information about sizes and colors for guidance purposes It is sometimes difficult to choose the correct size when shopping online. We want to make it even easier for you:

Check the correct size in the following table, we will help you so that you do not make a mistake when choosing it.
It is difficult to enter exactly the three parameters (chest, waist and hip) of the same size.
Our advice is that you do not let too much influence by the measures, THE MOST IMPORTANT MEASURE IS THE WAIST.

Follow the following instructions to find out your measurements and to know what size corresponds.

  • Bust measurement: Place the meter around the most prominent part of the chest.
  • Measure waist: Place the meter around the narrowest part of the waist.
  • Measurement of hip: Place meter around the widest part of the hip.
  • Example: For example my measurements are 90-60-90 (according to the table my waist and my hip enter size S but my chest does not) The best option would be to choose size S without hesitation.

Remember, that the back of a Corset does not have to be totally closed, you can adjust it to your size ..

* The company is not responsible for changing sizes and sizes according to manufacturer and country


In the tab of each product, if the manufacturer has a different size. However, below we detail size tables by manufacturer.