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Two-handed Maciejowski Falchion The Time Seller
Two-handed Maciejowski Falchion The Time SellerTwo-handed Maciejowski Falchion The Time SellerTwo-handed Maciejowski Falchion The Time Seller

Price: 115,08 € VAT inc.

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Sharpen blade. We strongly recommend don´t use sharp weapons like this one in reenactment or historical fencing. The Time Seller won´t be responsible of any misusing of this items.


Overall length: 92 cm
Blade length: 52 cm
Handle length: 40 cm
Weight: 1,45 kg
Max. blade width: 9 cm
Blade thickness (back): 3,4 mm

The steel is untreated and may have rust. To protect the steel you may rub it with mineral or synthetic oil. No returns will be accepted due to this issue.

This is an historic reproduction item. It has been designed following its physical appearance and materials but not in any case to fulfill all the same functions than the original piece.
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