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Winter coat – 1250-1300 – Wool The Time Seller
Winter coat – 1250-1300 – Wool The Time SellerWinter coat – 1250-1300 – Wool The Time SellerWinter coat – 1250-1300 – Wool The Time Seller

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 Depending on your position in society, it´s common to use several clothing, but in winters, it is allways a good idea to have a coat (or cotte) made in wool. For a better comfort, the coat is open from the waist front and back, allowing the tunic to be shown. It also features long sleeves to protect the hand from the cold winds. Made in natural wool and coated in soft cotton. Perfect for 13th and 14th C. Reenactment.


This product is cotton made and dyed with natural dyes. It is recommended to wash it by hand with cold water and a mild detergent so fabric and dye will not deteriorate and will last longer. In addition, it is also advisable to turn it over to protect the outer side of the product, which is the most important, during the washing process.

Wash separately with cold water (30 ° C or less)
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