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Arming cap (Code: MH-CL0209)
Arming cap The Time Seller
Arming cap The Time SellerArming cap The Time SellerArming cap The Time Seller

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Between 1450 and 1500 no one went to war without wear at least one head protection, usually barbute or sallet. There were many different designs depending on the origin of the item but some as the one shown here had simple but effective designs. The psychological effect caused by sallets because of their "dehumanized look" was a distinctive sign on the mercenary troops which not only were appreciated by their dangerousness but also because of their dangerous look. Similar designs to this sallet are shown in several museums and mainly dates from the 15th century. Although all of them have visors with ventilation holes to enhance breathing in a wide range of designs, we´ve decided to maintain ours without holes to allow client customization.


Material: Made of 100% cotton (external part) and 100% polyester in the padding.

One size fits all.

Due to hygiene reasons all the products related to personal care, health and hygiene, or that require direct contact with some parts of the body (such as underwear, combs ... ) cannot be returned, refunded nor a right of withdrawal. Not applicable in case of defect in the article.
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