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Practical Cup Rapier (Code: 100088)
Practical Cup Rapier The Time Seller
Practical Cup Rapier The Time SellerPractical Cup Rapier The Time SellerPractical Cup Rapier The Time Seller

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Cup rapiers were always extremely popular in Spain. Right from the beginning until well past the middle of the 18th century the skilled Spanish preferred a cup rapier to any other type of sword. Those preferences has been collected in several fencing manuals from those times. The cup makes the rapier notably  much safer due to the additional protection of the hand of the user, thanks to this  it is perfect for practical historical fencing.

The rapier design we present to you has been developed following, although simplifying, originals of the period which makes it easily removable. It is possible to exchange the blade, if necessary in a quick and simple way.

The product can be chosen assembled with three different blades, all of them from the Hanwei brand. The weight, the point of balance and the total length of the rapier will depend on the chosen blade.


- Hilt: 21 x 13 cm approx.
- Guard width approx. 31 cm
- Material: wood and steel
- Point of Balance: It will depend on the chosen blade.

OH2255 Practical Blade
- Total length: 115 cm approx.
- Blade length: 94 cm approx.
- Section: Rhombus curved into the inside section
- Weight: 1,08 kg approx

OHLASP01 Schlagger Blade
- Total length: 107 cm approx.
- Blade length: 86 cm approx.
- Section: lent section (like an eye)
- Weight: 1 kg approx

OHLASP02 Musketeer Blade

- Total length: 109 cm approx.
- Blade length: 88 cm
- Section: Triangular grooved section
- Weight: 1 kg approx.

The steel is untreated and may have rust. To protect the steel you may rub it with mineral or synthetic oil. Nicks, bumps and scratches are typical of the practice and use in the room. No returns will be accepted due to these issues.

This is an historic reproduction item. It has been designed following its physical appearance and materials but not in any case to fulfill all the same functions than the original piece.

This is a sports practice rapier for room use only. It is NOT intended for use in full contact combat, type BOHURT or similar.

This is a custom made product that is assembled when request.
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