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Main Gauche - Left hand parry dagger The Time Seller
Main Gauche - Left hand parry dagger The Time SellerMain Gauche - Left hand parry dagger The Time SellerMain Gauche - Left hand parry dagger The Time Seller

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Left-hand daggers, also called parying daggers, and sometimes known as the french Main Gauche, became a popular choice to combine with rapier, or cut & trust sword. Its advantages are undeniable, since in the absence of a buckler they allow the fencer an excellent combination of offense and defense that, in the appropiate hands, will let to contol the opposing weapon to easily score on the enemy. There are countless fencing books that talk about these combinations, so Marshal Historical has decided to make this version. In this case a dagger known as "with hooks", and that offers a good curved crossguard to catch the opponent´s blade, and a side ring to protect the hand from cuts and sliding blades. Although somewhat heavier than its smaller counterparts, the intention of the additional weight is to ensure that the opponent´s blade an be controlled, and to be able to move or strike it when necessary. Countless great duelists, fencers, and soldiers have wielded daggers like this throughout their campaigns. A lightly embossed sheath is given with the dagger, ready to add a chape and wear it as if it were the pride of your collection. 


Total lenght: 55cm
Blade lenght: 38 cm
Weight: 0,5 Kg.

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