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Solingen Rapier, antiqued The Time Seller
Solingen Rapier, antiqued The Time SellerSolingen Rapier, antiqued The Time SellerSolingen Rapier, antiqued The Time Seller

Price: 369,90 € VAT inc.

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Based on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Germanic ancestry, our Solingen Rapier (SH2205) is an excellent rendition of the timely originals.
The blades are constructed of forged high-carbon steel. The guard has a beautiful design with S-curved quillons to protect the hand and for wrapping the fingers around to increase one’s grip strength.

This antiqued version of the Solingen Swept-Hilt Rapier features a hilt finish developed by Hanwei that allows a museum-quality patina to be applied to stainless steel while the non-corroding properties of the steel are retained. This finish is very attractive and gives an authentic appearance to the sword.


- Total length: approx. 114.94 cm
- Blade length: approx. 93,02 cm
- Weight: approx. 1049 g
- Point of Balance: approx. 12,7 cm
- Point of Harmonics: approx. 71,12 cm
- Blade width at Guard: approx. 1,9 cm
- Width at Tip: approx. 1,02 cm
- Blade thickness at guard: approx. 6,4 mm
- Thickness at tip: approx. 2,5 mm

Includes a leather scabbard.

This model comes with sharp blade but you can use it for historical fencing, if you change the blade by a compatible OH2255 (blunt blade) made by the same manufacturer. 
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